We just love hearing feedback from our customers, we thought we share some reviews and stories with you. 

It’s a big, thick, salubrious swag made of the best canvas around .... very comfortable traditional swags with very high quality throughout
— Pat Callinans 4x4 Magazine
Hi Gabrielle, my swag arrived today. I can’t believe how good the quality of your swags are. I thought it was going to be good, but not this good. They really are the best swag I’ve put my hands on. Couldn’t be happier with your customer service and product. I will definitely be recommending your product to others. I can’t wait to get a bag to match my swag
— Ben Knoblanche, Found us while searching for the best quality Australian made swag

Hi Gabrielle and John. Just read the story of the King Brown, loved it. To everyone out there who’s looking for a new swag just call these guys, you won’t be disappointed. Great designs, massive room to move, comfy mattress. You won’t find a better swag going round. Gabrielle and John were so willing to help me they will help you out also. Can’t recommend them enough. Thanks again to both of you – Aaron Wilson.

Swag quality is unbelievable thanks for the help and Gabrielle is an asset to the business. Wilson my golden retriever loves it too! Quality is second to none and the money is worth the quality ten fold! Keep up the good work!
— Brenton Pavey

(Swag) Arrived today. So impressed with the quality and workmanship that’s gone into this and even contemplating starting a row with the missus so i have an excuse to give it a test run tonight! – Stuart Lake. 

Had mine for 14 years now, still going strong!
— Bruce Fekety

I just wanted to say thank you for the awesome job you did on the travel bag I bought for my husband Dwayne as a Christmas present. You gave great advice on what size would be best and the quality is awesome. We love the extra pockets plus we can see it will last with all the toing and froing of Fly in/Fly Out – Gemma & Dwayne Moore. 


Thanks to Murchison River Swags & Bags for the great burgundy king brown swag. Made up and all rolled up properly for the first time. In just over a week it will get its first camp use. LOVE IT and would recommend it to anyone – Lee-Anne Bright


Awesome bags I work FIFO and use this (Murchison River Travel Bag) for my commute bag all the time – Braiden Purdy


It was brilliant! I’m totally in love with it. Comfy, warm, size is perfect and I love that it’s stencilled. I was the envy of the group – Leila


Joel’s Story – Joel brought his Supersize swag in the other day that his mum bought for him 15 years ago..well I’ve heard some pretty good stories about how good quality our swags are, but I think this one takes the cake! Joel managed to get his 4WD pretty well bogged and having no other option but to use his trusty swag to get him out of a difficult position, he put the swag under the wheels for traction…. And guess what? IT WORKED! And the best bit is his trusty old swag only suffered a few minor scuff marks.. Pretty tough hey… That’s why we use the only Australian made canvas available! And always have… The reason why he brought the swag in??? His little brother borrowed it and managed to get a couple of small burn holes by camping a bit close to the campfire!





I have been looking for a canvas bedroll here in the states. With all the cowboy gear here, you would of thought I could find something good. But no luck. Then I heard about Swagmen and Swags.

I looked at Wynnchester in the UK great Swag but Big price before shipping. I kept looking at different Swags on the internet ( Google). I enter Saul bedroll to look at his D ring closures (which I like) and at the bottom of the Google page
some recommended site came up and yours was one of them. And that how they say “the rest is history”.

Your Swags design is brilliant, the hoody covering the head show great attention to detail, along with your detailed craftsmanship and materials. Also your website has good pictures.

Ok so I’m interested. I googled my address to yours, it’s a heck of a long ways a way. Three stops by air, one day plus four hours.

I’m thinking two King Brown Swags. What’s the charge for SS-D-rings? I prefer to get the Swag with your mattress but if the savings are sufficient on the shipping, I can get the mattress stateside.
After we use them,I will be happy to post my findings. I work for years as a whitewater guide in Northern California Oregon and Washington. Spent many nights out from spring to fall using a makeshift bedroll most of the time. Morning Dew is the biggest problem I encountered with using a bedroll. Last summer I spent sometime up in the Cascade Mts. in Oregon with just a bedroll. Had a couple of bummer nights (uncomfortable) and decided to find abetter system.

My brother in law and I have hunted in parts of it. Oregon also has a Serengeti Plain that has big herds of Pronghorn Antelope. So Oregonians are big on using famous names of places. Ok back to swags most of what we do is at the 3 to 7 thousand foot level and prefer not set up the dome tent unless we are staying awhile.
One last thing about gear and myself. I still have gear that I have used for over thirty years .(tent, hunting rifle, knives,down sleeping bag, binocular,cast iron cookware,wool,etc..)I like stuff that works and lasts. When I saw your swag I just knew that; that was it.
— Pete from San Diego, California